DigitalClone - Leveraging the Power of Digital Twin Technologies to Predict Life

Jason Rios, Sr Vice President & General Manager, Aerospace Sentient Science CorporationJason Rios, Sr Vice President & General Manager,Aerospace Sentient Science Corporation
Sentient Science offers a portfolio of physics-based modeling technology solutions known commercially as DigitalClone® that enables advanced digitalization strategies that can unlock the full potential of the Digital Twin. The DigitalClone MultiScale Framework features an architecture that supports models based on both physics and data science, to leverage the inherent benefits and advantages of the two approaches.

The physics-based modeling capabilities of DigitalClone have been refined over two decades of collaboration with the US Department of Defense, and recent private equity investments have enabled Sentient to productize the capabilities into key technology offerings that include DigitalClone for Engineering (DC-E) and DigitalClone for Additive Manufacturing (DC-AM). These solutions are built around core technologies that were successfully enhanced and demonstrated in several advanced gear/transmission development programs that confirmed the value of digital engineering in DoD applications. Those government collaboration opportunities give Sentient confidence that DigitalClone can offer benefits throughout the life cycle of drive system programs and provide significant risk reduction opportunities:

➢ Cost savings for design optimization and qualification, ranging from 15-35%
➢ Schedule compression for new product development of 10-65%
➢ Increased design reliability through exhaustive computational testing of new designs

DigitalClone for Engineering (DC-E)

DigitalClone for Engineering (DC-E) is a world-class software package that provides an advanced, patented, comprehensive capability to model drivetrains and predict their constituent components’ lives under real-world operating conditions.
DC-E delivers a unified workflow for a multiscale analysis capability from system level analysis through microstructure modeling in a single software package unparalleled in the industry. The physics-based models of component reliability that can be produced with DC-E support prognostics of component health and are especially useful in situations where historical (training) data is unavailable or inadequate.

DigitalClone for Additive Manufacturing (DC-AM)

A multi-scale and multi-physics SaaS model to computationally assess quality and performance of additive manufacturing (AM)-built parts. DC-AM delivers a unique comprehensive modelling capability linking the process-microstructure-fatigue relationship to provide design and computational testing. Product in beta-version phase of development under SBIR Phase II program with US government, product launch planned for July 2021.

DigitalClone for Operations/Maintenance (DC-OM)

Additionally, Sentient offers its award-winning DigitalClone for Operations/Maintenance (DC-OM) – selected by Frost & Sullivan for the 2017 North American Wind Energy Prognostics New Product Innovation Award. The wind application of DC-OM has resulted in valuable learnings to leverage the power of data science for aerospace applications. Together with DC-E and DC-OM, this provides the foundation for a powerful multiscale Digital Twin framework that will enable comprehensive analysis from the micro scale to the fleet enterprise level.

Presently deployed in support of the wind energy industry, DigitalClone for Operations and Maintenance (DC-OM) aggregates and assimilates terabytes of structured and unstructured data related to wind turbine configuration, operations, and maintenance to estimate the current health state of wind turbine major components (gearbox and main bearings). DC-OM is constructed on top of Amazon Web Services and provides a web interface to the user at Presently, more than 11,000 wind turbines in the US and Europe are covered by DC-OM. The core technology and data management capabilities in DC-OM are ideally suited for aerospace fleet health applications, and Sentient Science works with a variety of partners in the defense industry.
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