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Top 10 Aviation Service Companies - 2021

The year 2020/21 will go down in the history books as the aviation industry’s most turbulent period, with massive fluxes in passenger volumes globally due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. By April 2020, two-thirds of the global commercial aviation fleet sat idle on the tarmac while passenger traffic was down 90 percent. Today, the aviation industry is slowly rebounding, led by domestic travel. However, it has also reshaped the sector in a number of ways, driving long-term changes in fleet composition, flight routes and passenger demand. The pandemic has spawned new and unique challenges for airlines and airports as they restart operations ranging from “rusty” pilots to insect infestations. Regaining passenger confidence has become the most critical factor for airlines to weather the ongoing economic storm and remain competitive in the uncertain years ahead. From head-mounted thermal scanning devices to technology-supported social distancing measures, the aviation industry is adopting new and evolving technology solutions to enhance both the customer experience

and sustain operational efficiencies. The use of contactless boarding, digital passports, A.I, data analytics and more technologies that were side-lined during the previous decade of industry growth are now being examined with fervent scrutiny to evaluate their efficacy in solving crucial COVID-19 challenges. This pace of innovation and adoption has set the scene for rapid industry transformation over the next few years to enable airlines to offer a smarter, safer, and more sustainable travel industry. In the post COVID world, airlines will seek to invest in creating omni-channel experiences powered by advanced technology to drive customer satisfaction and stand out from competitors. To help organizations, this edition of AeroSpace and Defense Review Magazine brings you the Top 10 Aviation Service Providers - 2021.” The list gives you some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that have excelled with their portfolio by transforming business processes through their insights, solutions and technological prowess.

    Top Aviation Service Companies

  • Acquisition Integration is an aerospace acquisition, distribution, logistics, technical firm specializing in integrated logistics and product support for DoD, OGA, FMS, and commercial aviation sectors. Today, Acquisition Integration has become the go-to provider for a gamut of aerospace supply chain and lifecycle services, including procurement, kitting, specialty packaging, manufacturing, and lifecycle management of MRO components. Acquisition Integration takes all complexities out of the clients’ supply chain and related aircraft requirements no matter if it is from OEMs or any other government sources


  • AFuzion provides safety-critical services and products, including engineering augmentation, training, gap analysis, mentoring, auditing, certification, software outsourcing, and certification. AFuzion’s team of senior engineers brings over 1000 years of combined aviation development expertise. The team works on safety, software, and hardware for avionics, such as flight controls, guidance systems, and electric hybrid engines, ground-based systems assisting in navigation and control, as well as satellite systems. AFuzion trains 1,000 engineers per month and has already trained over 25,000 engineers—more than all its competitors combined


  • STRADE is a new innovative entrepreneurial venture launched by the world-leading MRO service provider in the civil aviation industry, SR Technics Group. Since mid-2020, STRADE has successfully cooperated with leading airlines, MROs, and component trading companies to support their asset requirements through flexible component solutions. And to facilitate the same, STRADE has built a large components pool of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric rotables for all major aeroplane models with attractive services and commercial conditions. While focusing on its excellence in worldwide and personal customer services, STRADE positions itself as a data-driven entity that continuously seeks to onboard new digital technologies such as blockchain and machine learning to streamline communication, interaction, and product delivery to its clients


  • U.S. Technical offers a plethora of services that include aviation engineering, FAA certification, parts kitting, FAA burn testing, product installation, aircraft evaluations, and more. Founded in 1994 by a group of aviation businessmen and technical experts, the service-oriented firm helps clients accomplish their manufacturing and testing tasks cost-effectively. While U.S. Technical is a small-scale enterprise, its compactness allows for operational transparency as well as exceptional clarity in delivering engineering solutions and end-products


  • 1 Vision Aviation

    1 Vision Aviation

    1 Vision is a complete, one stop FAR part 145 repair station housed in a 32,000 square foot hangar facility located on Sioux City, Iowa's Sioux Gateway Airport (KSUX). The company have all the necessary capabilities required to take care of any and all of your airline's needs. We provide a complete range of in-house maintenance and repair options from heavy checks, line maintenance, sheet metal repair and fabrication, all the way to complete exterior aircraft paint.

  • BlueSky D2D

    BlueSky D2D

    BlueSky specializes in strategy and analytics to deliver data-driven solutions and solve clients' most challenging problems in the areas of aviation, energy, environment and future mobility concepts. The company is leading in the development and implementation of the strategies and policies to address the Aviation Carbon Challenge. BlueSky combines advanced analytics with deep industry understanding and expertise to help clients shape the future of the aviation mobility.

  • Brunner Aerospace

    Brunner Aerospace

    Brunner Aerospace, LLC (Brunner Aero) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) committed to honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices in the US and abroad. Created with a single focus to become a world class aviation services provider, Brunner Aero built the diversified portfolio customers require. Each member of the Brunner Aero Team has the extraordinary experience to ensure customers receive the best aviation solutions available. From Defense Services to Aviation Program Management, Brunner Aero is equipped to meet customer’s challenge.

  • Delta Sigma Company

    Delta Sigma Company

    Delta Sigma Company's capabilities include engineer-to-order factory automation, RCS and antenna measurement systems, and cutting-edge mixed reality. Their mission is to design and build custom systems used to automate precision manufacturing and complex assembly tasks. Delivering on this goal, Delta Sigma Company’s (DSC) capabilities include engineer-to-order factory automation systems, robotics, and cutting-edge mixed reality systems.

  • Hughes Aerospace

    Hughes Aerospace

    HUGHES is a FAA Certificated and ICAO endorsed Air Navigation Services Provider, providing the latest technology in Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Conventional Instrument Flight Procedure design, validation and maintenance services. Hughes has consistently been first to market with practical solutions that leverage existing and emerging technology involving Vertical Flight and Fixed Wing Operations worldwide; using a variety of innovative satellite-based navigation products and services.

  • Vartan Aviation Group

    Vartan Aviation Group

    The Vartan Aviation Group is the world’s leading specialist for support services of cabin interiors, aircraft systems and composite aerostructures. With over 20 years of expertise the Vartan Aviation Group serves aircraft manufacturers, aviation suppliers, MRO’s and airlines at final assembly lines of Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, COMAC and Embraer. The company’s quality management system is EN/AS 9100-certified and operate EASA and CAR part 145 maintenance stations with C6 ratings as well as a FAA certified Repair Station.